May your wishes be carried far, Mr. Olmert!

Posted on October 9, 2007

In response to the good news from this page:

To the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel:

Dear Mr. Olmert

I would wholeheartedly and with the deepest gratitude and amazement like to thank and congratulate you for your recent pledges to the Israeli Parliament, which I understood to emphasise the necessity of ‘peace at all costs’. This type of affirmation of human goodwill and positive thinking is what the whole world has been waiting for, for too long.

I understand that certain factions in Israel who do not share your positive interpretation of human nature have begun a fear mongering campaign against the division of Jerusalem. They say a host of problems will arise and imply that those on the other side of the border are irrational and driven by insane lust for material appropriation- and ceding any measure to them will mean the loss of advantage and the onset of defeat. These people within your country, and their pessimistic unforgiving attitudes, will be the demise of the entire human civilisation if they are pandered to.

I thus congratulate you on your bravery and encourage you to continue pushing for peace. Who cares about a piece of land? Peace in the land is much more important. I believe that you understand that regardless of religious conviction, all human beings respond positively to kindness and forgiveness and trust. And so will your neighbours when it is extended to them. Rally those of like mind around you; who are tired of being shouted down in isolation.

Mr. Olmert, your expression of goodwill and willingness to ‘turn the page’ has touched me deeply and I cannot put into words the hope that has arisen in my heart when hearing of your actions. It has been like a flash flood across hopelessly dry plains. Let us pray together that the drought may soon be over and peace renewed on Earth. Let me say to you in private, also, that is now, or never- through you or through no one.

We must realise our humanity, and glorify our Most High. God Bless.


Alistair A. Dark