How to Slaughter a Pig

Posted on January 18, 2009

Slaughtering a Pig is an in depth process. A number of steps must be taken before the knife is even picked up.

In killing a pig you are ending the life of a another sentient creature, and this is no light matter. Firstly, to insure that the act of killing does not leave you too upset in the long term you must think about what you are about to do, and why. Here are some suggestions to make sure you are perfectly clear about the act of slaughtering a pig, whether it is for business, a festival, or “sacrifice”.

  1. Look at the pig’s eyes.  Note that the pig is a living, breathing animal whose experience of the world is not that different to yours. This is a type of sacred acknowledgment of the animal’s life.
  2. Contemplate what you have in common with this pig. For instance, both of you live the same physical existene and experience the world im similar ways. If fact, human beings often treat each other in ways similar to how you treat this pig. You are both equally fragile, and vulnerable to the same type of horrible suffering and death. You have the basically same nervous system, heart and brain. While most of us don’t know much about the soul, many religious contend that animals and humans have equal souls. Such philosophy is found in Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.
  3. Remember that this pig also had or has family, just as you have family. Just because we never hear pigs tell each other how much they love each other doesn’t mean a bond doesn’t exist. So in separating the pig from his fellows, emotional pain is added to physical pain.
  4. Picking up the stun gun, visualize what you are about to do to the pig is done to you. It’s only fair that you understand the feelings that you are going to cause. At this same time, think of how much money this pig is worth as flesh. Is it worth it? Think of all the pigs you have killed. Imagine that each one was yourself, killed by a hypothetical larger, smarter species, with the same knife.
  5. Lastly, as you hold the knife near the pig’s throat, to make the final terrible tear, and spill the pig’s blood, which looks just like yours, remember that at any time you could change your job. There is no heavenly decree that you must produce pig meat for a living. In fact many facts about the dangers of flesh eating to our health and environment are arising all the time. International leaders are starting to encourage us to reconsider our diets. Are there other things you could do? More creative? More peaceful? More fitting someone who wishes peace and happiness upon others? There is a growing demand for clean, organic vegetables and fruits.

Why are you killing this pig, and why do you think you must do it. There is no must in this world… only cowardice and weakness.

I think you get the picture. Don’t kill the pig. Eat a plant based diet, and live longer and happily.

Here are some resources you will surely find convincing:

And finally, the past has created the present, but the present is creating the future. Be creative and bold in your visions of tomorrow! Anything is possible. God bless.