If You Can, Why Not? (or: No More Excuses)

Posted on July 26, 2008

I always wonder what stops some people from adopting a vegetarian diet. The knowledge of it’s health and environmental benefits are out there and no one can argue that it’s okay to cause an animal pain for no good reason. Well I guess they could argue with him or her self in front of the mirror, but …

I know of some people, and I guess they’re representative of a type, who know that the vegetarian diet has benefits across the board, who know that animals are institutionally abused, but who still refuse to alter their diet … much. I wonder what restrains them.

It is frustrating that for the most part it is a struggle to get the information about animals and our diet out there so that people can make informed choices, and that even when this is successful, people do make informed choices that destroy our natural environment, decrease their own health and cause misery, suffering and pain to many other sentient beings.

I realise that the bonds between we people pressure us to remain unchanged, reliable, predictable, one of the crowd, be they friends, a family, or a nation. If we can avoid it we don’t want to show those close to us that we are different from them. But it’s also shameful that group membership is so conditional. It’s significant of the poor state of our world. So much positive change is possible, yet impossible because of these emotional attachments and fears.

It may be that in my teenage years I developed a critical view of the “society-culture-tradition” matrix, that I do find it easy to change aspects of lifestyle like others change toothbrushes. I also would not like to judge anyone against myself as I’m aware of my own shortcomings. I recognise it’s not easy to change anything, for whatever reason at all.

But come on people, don’t blame me for being disappointed (frankly). When the stakes are so very high, the excuses wear thin.