Easy Recipe Following?!?

Posted on July 10, 2008

Whirled Peas started off (a few days ago) with the idea that cooking satisfying vegetarian and vegan food should be as easy for everyone as it is for me. It will demonstrate that with recipes.

Aha! The contradiction is exposed. Easy recipes? Riiiiight.

A recipe can never be easy because it requires planning. If you want to use it you’ll have to make sure you’ve got what it needs.

That’s just not on. No one has time to plan meals anymore and many people don’t have the budget to keep the kitchen stocked with every herb, grain, and seed in the world (I may be one of them, until God realizes that by all rights, I amrockstar).

There’s only one type of cooking that is truly quick and easy, and that’s completely impromptu.

So as well as giving tips on how to make cooking quicker (such as bulk cooking time-consuming staples once a week) I’m going to make sure that every reader understands that the basic elements of a meal aren’t the ingredients, but in a few elemental rules of cooking.

So posts here will take on a special form…

  • Less like a recipe and more like a guide;
  • Educational… not just instructive.

Look out for such tips amongst the posts at Whirled Peas!