Improve the Self and peace will follow

Posted on February 12, 2007

Strangely, she looked to me like the girl in my dreams when I was just a little kid… but the words she spoke verified everything I have ever thought about the world. It’s a funny feeling, unexpected, but a good one. Here they are:

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“When the world more understands the most important, ultimate goal of life: seeking God, when all the world leaders understand that we can’t just use our mental power to help the world, or our limited wisdom to conquer it, but with the power of the great Self, the God (or Buddha) nature within, if we use that, we’ll have world peace. Ever since ancient times, the Chinese have said to first improve the self through spiritual practice; second, to harmonise the family; thirdly, to govern the nation; and then to conquer the world. No one said to first conquer the world, then govern the nation, next harmonise the family and finally improve the self through spiritual practice. It would be too late for practising.

Practising is not through books. No one can prescribe the patient’s medicine just by reading books. One should really practice. Our world faces many difficulties, many wars and many non-peaceful events, it’s all because most people and some of the world leaders followed the opposite way which we just spoke of. Some did the opposite, by first conquering the world, by conquering the countries, but they can’t, because the order is reversed. Cultivate yourself first! Then finally we may bring peace to the world! All these steps are prior to bringing peace to the world. If we use effort, force or violence to conquer the world, then of course we won’t bring peace to the world. We forget the wisdom of the ancient people. They passed down much wisdom but many don’t know them well or don’t study it in depth. They just think and do by what they know. The wise people would study the ancient wisdom in depth. We cultivate ourselves first, then all else would come after. See? Have you seen?

So, we need not revolutionise against the government, there’s no need. Just be a good citizen. The world will change. The heavens will take care of it. We need only to practice diligently and quietly.

The bible tells us us to first seek the the inner kingdom of God, then all else will follow. And the Buddha said exactly the same thing: the most important thing is to find your Buddha nature, to practice. And so he forsook an entire country, his throne, five hundred wives and put his sons and parents temporarily aside. I don’t mean that we need to forsake everything, but later we can come back and rule the nation through different means: using wisdom; using peace; quietly using the blessing power from the kingdom within to rule; using our Buddha nature to pacify the world; not using violence; nor with political policies as we don’t need that at all. To rule the way we spoke of, is the way nations should be ruled. Though we are not part of any political actives, and neither do we need to try to do anything within the government, we are truly involved in ruling the nation and conquering the world.

Of course, if we already work for the government then we may continue, by working harder, by doing better work, with more conscience, more wisdom, that is then truly helping the nation, truly being loyal to the head of state, and being a patriot. That is then truly a good citizen. We are not just Mainland Chinese citizens, we’re not Aulac citizens, we’re not Formosan citizens, we’re not British citizens. We’re not so and so citizens: we are citizens of the whole world. So, in our group, no matter where you come from or what skin colour you are, what language you speak, we are at peace together: we say that we are brothers and sisters and trust one another. If all the citizens of the world can practice diligently like us, then the world would immediately become peaceful… no need for weapons, the atomic bomb, or long negotiations. We wouldn’t need to waste so much time and energy, the world would naturally become peaceful. All would naturally be wealthy, safe, happy and comfortable.

But, the world still needs to be fixed a little. We don’t use the way of politics to fix it, nor talks with anyone, just diligent practice, and this great blessing power would be transmitted to the rest of the world, then the world would naturally be benefited and have peace. It’s getting faster now! I truly thank you all.” (The audience thanks Master.)