Individual Secure Slave Culture

Posted on March 6, 2012
Updated June 28, 2018

We’re on our own, not tied to family. We’re free, individuals in a wide-world full of possibilities.

We’re on our own, the lucky ones with the begrudged support of family or government, from the tender age of 18. Or 20. Or 25.

We’re free to fly. We’re free to fall. But what is expected, and what seems sane, is to take the tried and tested road. The road of the security, surety.

Which also happens to be the road of slavery, where our time and energy is exchanged for money, often for the betterment of fuck all. You’re supported by your willingness to matter not.

Because guess what? If you risk it all for the chance of flight, you’re a “fucking idot”. You’re a “fool who deserves to fall”.

What’s hard for risk takers to understand is why the ones who gave them life want them to become a slave.

A little context please?

I feel on the verge of failure. After a good run and happy customers, just when things looked set to go sky high… two inexplicably bad batches of Notzarella and I’m back to square one, scratching my head.

I can sell the cheese knowing it’s shit, hoping it satisfies the desperately cheeseless vegans out there. I can recall the cheese and suffer the short term financial shortfall. Except it won’t be suffering, it’ll be death. It’ll be the last straw. I can’t afford for things not to take off right now. All bets are in.

If you don’t want to be a slave, the risk is always worth it. But when you’re falling, the branch you catch is held out by the slave master.

I can’t help wonder whether if we weren’t such an individualistic society, we would all be more free.

Growing up, we could be free in terms of developing our creativity in more personally suited ways.

Entering adulthood, we could be free to offer the world the fruits our creativity.

I’m talking about a cycle, where the younger generation is given much more support for a longer period of time. If they’re 30, and they find something amazing that they love, and that other people like, they’re still going to need help.

There has to be some meaning to life other than financial security for yourself and your dependents. There has to be some celebration of the individual by allowing him or her the room to develop and the means to express themselves, not in high school art or 20 minutes of listening to music before passing out after work, but in a lifetime of creative output, constantly challenging, always exciting, personal, and self-directed work, imbued with the essence of a person’s true nature.

The hand of destiny that seemed so sure just a few days ago seems to have turned into a middle finger. The culmination of all my dreams, wanderings and learnings is like a tune that trails off. I want to push forward but without support the ways look hard.

But then again, if I can’t do it myself I should just go be a slave, right?

Or is family just a waste of a word?