IQ, NQ and God or Not God.

Posted on June 13, 2008

There’s been a few feathers ruffled in the last few days about the research of Richard Lynn that links IQ to atheism. Trust an intellectual to assume that intellectualism is the bees knees. I’m not arguing the statistics on the link – I’m sure it’s true. I’s just that “intelligence” doesn’t count for that much. Scientific revolutions, led by intelligentsia of old might have made our technological society possible, but now our technology society is threatening to wipe us out full stop. What we need now is empathy, compassion, and a universal idea. For that, we need beleif in something universal and metaphysical to unite us.

So since the 1700s empirical scientific methods have revolutionized technology. Great. The anti-God idea was a reaction to the corrupt, useless and power-hungry Church of the day. The Church didn’t have much to do with God despite its babble. Most of the so-called “religious” were more atheist than today’s atheists, but whipped into paranoid frenzies by the emotive power of “religion” – which has nothing to do with God or spirituality, and can easily be confused with tribalist sentiments of nationality and culture.

Dawkins, Humanism and Tribalism

Richard Dawkins, the preeminent atheist, writes that the belief in God is not just wrong but deadly. He looks at the horrors like the Crusades and 911and blames belief in God. Same mistake. Blind traditionalism in the guise of religion might as well be atheism. Whether we have a ‘belief’ or not, if we don’t really understand the spiritual side of the that religion we will go on defending our little tribes and making trouble in our tiny physical universe.

Truly Intelligent Atheists and Theists Speak the Same

Thomas EdisonThomas Edison – an atheist – said: “Until we stop harming all living beings, we are still savages”. Einstein, a theist said almost exactly the same thing. This is because not only to they have IQ, but they have the more essential NQ: Noble Quality! Counted of course by Noble Quota. Same dif.

True religion includes spirituality which lends an inner sense of connectedness with all of life (… well, OK, that’s my idea). I respect the humanism of Dawkins very much, be he has fallen into the same age-old trap of linking the lip-service of people, and real spirituality which is always a needle in a haystack. Sure, in the beginning the real spirituality always gives rise to the religions, but generally the real spirituality will have a hard time staying in the religions and will prefer to sprout somewhere else. Example: the Muslim Messiah (Mahdi) or Jesus reincarnate on Earth, walk up to a priest of a sheik, give him a warm hug and exclaim with a twinkle in his eye “I’m back! Do this and that.” What if it’s a woman in high heels?

IQ, Technology and Climate Change

The cleverness of our ancestors gave rise to our Technological civilization which is now runaway-crazy and destroying the ecosystems that support our life. Could it be that the development of technology was just a step in human evolution, bridging tribal gaps just in time to deal with the problems that it itself caused, leaving us united as a cooperative whole? It’s like a high temperature furnace in which the human race can grow into something more special than we could imagine.

Could it be that IQ is like an instrument that we need to learn how to play with wisdom? Yes!

When I was an infant,
I spoke as an infant,
I reckoned as an infant;

when I became [an adult],
I abolished the things of the infant.

For now we see through a mirror in an enigma, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know as also I was fully known. Widgets