It’s your world. Gift it with your dreams.

Posted on December 30, 2011
Updated September 28, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Apple since buying a Macbook in 2010. It was a beautiful thing miles ahead of anything I knew existed, in terms of what I needed at the time.

I wasn’t really aware of Steve Jobs until after he died, but I find the guy really interested and inspirational. You only have to watch his address to the Standford graduating address to know why. He’s different and he gets shit done.

Unrelated to today’s post, he fluctuated between being a vegetarian, fruitarian, vegan and pescatarian for much of his life.

Now that kind of foolish brilliance and intuitive drive is sadly beyond me, but I have had a taste of it in starting Notzarella. It isn’t something I could have done if I lived by the books. I’m always shaking my head at how simple it is, yet I know that with work or work and family, it isn’t likely I’d have acted on that dream if it ever even popped into my head.

My road has always looked dangerous and it still is. But my road is my road and I have always had faith in it. I believe it is paying off, or will one day.

Onto you. I don’t know who you are or where you are in life. But you’re reading this because you’re interested somehow in veganism and might want to start a vegan business, hopefully based on an idea that is driving you.

I don’t know what challenges you are going to face in between now. I don’t know if you’ll get there. Life might have something else planned for you. Like Jobsie said in the above video, you can’t connect the dots looking foward, only backwards.

But your dreams are like your gifts to the world and it’s your human responsibility to follow them to the best of your ability. What consumsed your thinking, the solutions that fire you up, these are the things you must create or inspire.

We live in a world where things are easier than they seem. Things just happen fast. We are more connected digitally and physically than ever.

Simultaneously we live in a world with more financial pressure than ever before. The system is tight and doesn’t tolerate misfits as well as it did in teh 50s when people walked out of school into a job.

But you can play around the system and dance to your own tune. As Jobs said in the video, he dropped out of uni and never graduated. But he existed. Apple started in his parents garage and he was in his late 20s before he thought of moving out of there. Money was tight. It was not ‘a life’ by social standards.

But he was driven and foolish and believed in his ideas and visions. And aren’t we all glad he did, because he pulled the modern era of computing together from the bits and peices that lay unrecognised in the corners of the tech world.

Follow your heart and shape the world. Like Steve we will all be dead soon and we are already naked before eternity.

Notzarella might be over tomorrow. But like the many things I have done before that empowered me for this project, I’m following invisible dots along an unknowable trajectory. All I have to do is wake up driven, dedicated, foolish and believe in my own billiance, which I do.

And I believe in yours too. Take that for granted from now on.