Lentils and the Family Jewels

Posted on September 9, 2008

I’ve been wanting to write more about lentils… becuase I know that they’re just about the most convenient and powerful protien source out there. Read about Lentils on About.com for more info.

A well cooked lentil soup every couple of days will compliment whatever protein I’ve been eating and guarantee that comfortable full strength feeling I like every day.

Actually I have found, as I get older, a little abstenance (let’s be reasonable… once a week is abstenance enough at 28) also goes a long way to preserving the protein in my system. The less the body steals for other purposes (semen stores are seem to be treated as a priority by the system), the more avilable for the replenishment of your body’s tired tissues.

At the risk of embarassing female readers… a guy’s balls should feel comfortable and full most of the time. If not, nutrition seems to be diverted from the rest of the body to build the fluid of fluids.

Note the “seems to”. It means this is from my own experience… I haven’t looked far and wide for this info ;)