Microbusiness Services

Having been a food-producing microbusiness myself, I know you’re flat out making things happen and don’t have time to muck about. I’ve designed service around what you need when you’re flying solo.

What do you need, really? Firstly you need something affordable. You can only spend so many dollars, so what you spend them on is critical.

But, any old website will not do. It can’t bug you with problems. It can’t be “student” job that looks like it was made ten years ago.

It has to work. It has to be easy to use. It has to be pleasing to the eye. But it has to match your limited budget. If this sounds about right, I’ve got a solution just for you.

It has the features that will get your business out there. Something that says what it says and doesn’t try to be something it’s not. No cutting corners, but no bloat or fluff either. I keep things streamlined and economical because we establish during an off-the-bat consultation what to focus on. And what we do include, I do well.

The bottom line is that you get high quality and professional service for an unusullay low price. I have a passion for small business and I enjoy seeing folks get underway with a site I’m proud to link to.

I know you probably haven’t thought so much about what your pages will say – so I’m also ready to help you write homepage content to go hand-in-hand with the design.

The Process


Standard: $898 in two instalments.


We chat… to make sure you’re in the right place and to identify and visualise your needs.
1-2 hours. $199.

Design & Development

I design as I build, according to our initial vision, making changes along the way. Your input is welcome. This is key to how solid results are achieved on a limited budget. We start with a solid WordPress template (saving $$$, keeping it easy to extend, upgrade, edit and welcoming to other professionals).
5 Days $699 (in two instalments if needed).

What you need beforehand

When we’re ready to go, I’ll need some things from you.

  • any brand material such as a logo, in the highest quality available.
  • your page content (as it stands, you can update it as you go).
  • A week for your project. You’ll need to be fully contactable all week to ensure best results for your project.

Additional Info