Vegetarian Meats… Where?

Posted on July 22, 2008

Like it or love it, if you want more than what the supermarket can offer in the way of mock meats (I remember my auntie asking… “is it plastic?”), you’ll need to go to Chinatown. If you live in a city on Earth, you have one. The supermarket is an increasingly good place though (mmm… Fry’s sausages).

Supreme Master Ching Hai Associtation’s website has great resources on it for veg*ns all over the world. Here’s a list of Australian business (here’s the global page)you can contact or visit to see if they’ve got something you want.

Most mock meats are made from wheat and/or soy, some with mushroom, with trace elements of other ingredients. If you don’t like soy forget it (I did have some nice not-beef jerky made from mushroom though. And Chinatown is great for the sweets such as surgar plums and dried sweet potato!). Watch out for the odd inclusion egg – and dairy if you’re vegan.

IMG_8241When it comes to mock meat, some shopping around is recommended. It doesn’t always come cheap and if you want to indulge in it you will pretty much wipe out the cost benefits of going vegetarian. That’s if you could be bothered. I’d rather be poor but that’s just me.

Even though expensive, I love to eat it sometimes. It’s not that I’m attracted to the taste, texture or taste of meat (some come remarkably close), it’s just that many mock meats have great texture and flavour in their own right.

I’m mouth watering because in a minute I’m going to try making some shish kebabs on the electric sandwich maker. Do you think it will work? Man I’ve got to get a poll set up.