New Camera old Feels

Posted on February 20, 2019
Updated October 16, 2019

I just got a new Camera.

This time there are no illusions. It will not change my life. It will not help me express myself. No one will be moved or changed by the photos it takes. It’s just a waste of money to entertain me as time slips away.

The x-e1 is a cool camera, technically a downgrade, being a version behind my previous x100s in a different line. Some people say it has nicer colour, and nicer grain-like noise (it’s noise). I am liking it’s boxiness.

I always thought the way I saw the world was inherently valuable. Learning that that is rubbish has been painful.

I’ve fitted it with the Pentax 50mm I inherited from my Grandfather. The one my mother is holding in this photo. It will help me produce many technically flawed but cool photos of random things.

1990ish, mum was 30 or so.

I’m tired of not creating things because the things I create won’t be perfect or good. This blog, going back in time somewhat (I am stuck in 1999 after all), is just the start of it.

Wifey was not happy that I spent my day driving to Byron bay to pickup at $40 lens adaptor instead of proactively building a future. She’s about 900% a better person than me. It’s amazing we make it work, but we do.

Here’s to barely trying. And then trying some more if after 20 years that doesn’t work.