Obama, the Animals and the Future

Posted on November 5, 2008

This post is a hopeful look at changes in the way animals are treated in America. But first…

Congratuations Planet Earth

The worst is now behind us. Obama’s election in America is a concrete manifestation of our optimism for the future. The American people are ready for change, and have shown, beyond expectations, how much they want it, and the whole planet is with them.

Obama and McCain are apart where it counts: mindset. McCain is simply old school. “The world is seperated into nations that have a right to pursue their own interest at the expense of others”. I get the feeling, and I hope to God it’s true, that Obama is new school: “we are one global family, what affects one affects the other”. The details may be gritty, but to me, this is an incredibly important factor which will catch on.

A friend hears this and reminds me what a president seeking to make real, positive changes will be up against. I think the hardest part is behind Obama. Although certain groups and powers will resist change with all their might, the people have expressed their desire to change in the ballot box, and will support Obama, the manifestation of their desire for peace and true prosperity: a more enlightened future.

The Animals

The day Barack Obama was elected (yesterday!) he said “I will always be honest about you about the challenges we face.”

Previously, he’s also said: “I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other,” he said. “And it’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals.”

Obama has already said that the relationship between humans and animals has to change. http://www.vegan.com/blog/2008/08/01/obamas-vegan-moment/(I believe he wants to say more, and will say more now that he can relax a little.)

Democracy Now!

There are two paths to change, one starting from the top and the other from the the bottom.
Real change starts from the bottom, of course, that is, with the people themselves. The people must be informed well enough to make good choices and demand the change through their power as both political and economic citizens. This means the elimination of special-interest-politics and the onset of democracy, one change President Obama has clearly committed to.

It is of course undemocratic to tell people what to think and feel in regards to animals. However, it is extremely democratic to inform people about the animal feed affect our health and the environment, as well as the inescapable cruelty of the mass production of “meat”: the flesh of once living beings.

An Informed Public

So Obama doesn’t need to ‘change’ anything except the way the American public recieve information. The marketing of harmful substances should be restricted, as tobacco is in Australia, where the industry simply cannot advertise at all because it’s product is simply anti-life. Currently, the public has very poor access to very importanjt information about how meat and diary sonsumption drastically reduces life expectancy through the creation of the worst chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease; and the environment through massive use of resources, degradation and overuse of land and use and pollution of water. These simple facts need to enter the public conscience, because they are true and are immenently affecting our future.

Death, Disease, Starvation and Climate Change “In Moderation”

Terms like ‘choice’, ‘moderation’ do not apply to the animal diet as we currently think. It is because we have a very incomplete picture, dominated by cultural habit, that we believe animals to be a good source of food. The term ‘everything in moderation’ turns my stomach when I hear it in regard to the animal diet. It’s like saying a little starvation is good for health, a little chronic disease is normal. A little extra greenhouse effect is good for the climate. It’s not. Our human bodies and the world’s climate have natural balances and demand certain treatment. Abuse them and the balance is upset, and “moderation” becomes deadly.

Obama, we need to know how to live right.

We have such massive and serious problems that it must seem terrible and daunting to be the one the world looks to to sort them out. And they do. But the animal diet relates to everything. It creates massive unnecessary environmental stress, affecting international relations in water and land stressed areas… it creates massive extra health expenditure and the heart break of familes and loved ones. Who would say no to less cancer, diabetes, and artheroschlorosis. Stomach aches and migrances affect productivity. We could feed ourselves on a tenth of the land. Water would run fresh again. Forests would start to thrive again. Rain would start to fall in regularity again. Anyone notied the the whole planet is out of kilter? Anyone noticed that almost everyone is dying of disease, sooner or later? It all comes down to meat baby, and beyond that, it all comes down to what we know. And we don’t know meat, what it is, where it comes from, what it does. It is made with cruelty, it cruelly kills and maimes, it comes from the killing floor. Meat is death.

Please help the people come to this conclusion by removing special-interest politics and supporting the propogation of INFORMATION when it is needed. God bless and God speed.