Photo February

Posted on March 4, 2015
Updated October 2, 2019

My interest in photos exploded this month. Why now, and not before? Perhaps it’s a kind of mid-life crisis, or a dissatisfaction with my other hobbies and professional efforts.

I have some thoughts forming on photography – I prematurely published some earlier. It’s just me exploring why I like photos, taking them, and what I want to achieve by doing that.

For now though here are some photos I’m proud of. I post some on 500px in the hope that they’ll sell, and others on flickr.

Many people seemed to like this one, although it’s not my favourite.

late night train

Some “happy snappys” – my way to describe photos taken with little effort, giving questionable technical results, but are somehow nice to look at.

It’s my mother and niece :)

Dusky pizza

Light Pole on a Blue Sky

Grass frond in the sun

Rear View