Realisation is Not Celebrating Our Tiny Little Selves

Posted on February 24, 2012
Updated June 29, 2018

Most of the time bloggers crap on about finding themselves. It’s like the ultimate zen goal. But what people are talking about most of the time is so far from the essence of what will actually improve their lives, that it counts as a distraction, a subterfuge.

One of the reasons I find it difficult to commit to topics to blog about is that I can’t pretend that any way I can help people through words and ideas will do a damn thing except help them feel good about themselves. Life is easier when you feel better, but it’s not a strategy for the relief from the human condition, which is what people actually need.

The other reason it’s difficult is that when I actually write what I want to write, it can only be critical. Like this post. And then I get all self reflective. Like this paragraph.

The human condition we accept is actually sub-human. The true human condition is detached from the emotional highs and lows. There’s a lot of things we feel that we’re just not supposed to be feeling. We’re so succesptible to influences and onlookers, so penetrated with auras and contaminated by each other – we’re all mixed up.

Finding yourself is not feeling good about your crappy state of being and ridiculous opinions. It’s about digging deep, challenging and then letting go all your assumptions, ideologies, and habits. Unless you feel like you can laugh in the face of death and love without return, and unless you are happy to go without in order to protect other beings in this world, you’re doing something akin to masturbation. Which is not bad, but it’s nothing to get excited about or indulge in.

You don’t need to find yourself. You already are yourself. Stop focussing on your own shit and realise it’s not all about you. Help people. Accept positive work that benefits others. And writers, stop making people feel like precious princesses at the center of evil universes.

So I have said to myself I will be posting each day. Is this a massive mistake, looking at the above?