Posted on October 14, 2018
Updated November 21, 2018

Things I’ve done a lot of:

  • graphic design
  • web design

Things I’ve done a little of:

  • service design
  • instructional design
  • game design
  • print design / pagesetting

Things I’d like to do more of:

  • experience design
  • digital transformation
  • interactive design

A little about me

Overall I’m an ambidextrous creative who thinks laterally and looks out for ways to increase value, efficiency and usability. 
I’m looking for contract design work and would consider offers for full or part time work.

I’m most interested in helping make great experiences that change users’ lives, and to work with people doing new things, or old things in new ways. I thrive when there is no formula, and the stakes are high.

I have a redundancy radar and love user-friendly efficiency. I’m a staunch user/customer advocate and will vocally represent them in any scenario.

I provide extra value by finding what needs to be done, then how. Skills are means to ends.

I stand for quality over quantity and go deep when I believe value is buried.

I enjoy working with a variety of mediums, technologies and styles and adapt quickly.


I have strong communication and visual design skills, which I apply in constant reference to both the big picture and user’s experience. I also have technical and software skills that makes me a valuable addition to a team. 

When it comes to specific programs, I can use many, perhaps not always as fast as others, but if you get anything from this resume, I hope it’s that I stand for quality and doing the right things well.

Graphic Design

I enjoy crafting visuals to enhance usability and communication. I’m familiar with Affinity Designer and Adobe CC. I also produce graphic art, illustrate and paint.

WordPress Design and Development

This technical background helps me design for the web and work with developers. I have provided developed themes professionally and continue to advise and maintain my own themes. 

Game Design

Beginning with modding for Unreal Tounrament and extending to indie game development, I’m self taught (actually, Google taught) level designer and game designer / developer using Unreal Engine. This also gives me a solid grounding in user experience design. 


Raam Dev

Ali’s CSS and design skills are top-notch and he always seems to be experimenting and testing new ideas and new technologies. His eye for aesthetic is great and he’s able to take the bigger picture into consideration when working on projects and developing sites that connect with an overall brand. I’ve worked with Ali on WordPress projects and I would recommend him to anyone needing help with their personal or business website.

Simon Kolomyjec  
Inspection R&D Manager at Fugro

Alistair was contracted by Fugro to provide icon design for our proprietary software systems for use in the offshore oil & gas industry. Alistair showed enthusiasm, creative ideas, design skills and great collaboration to provide high quality icons and images that are used by our team. Alistair’s work was impressive visually, but also his technical skills were great – he could deliver exactly what we after in various formats and the technical workflow he proposed really streamlined the process from conception to final delivery. His suggestions and experience in developing visually appealing graphics have been welcomed by our users and clients, and his work really gives our software products the familiarity and ease of use we require. Working with Alistair was a really great experience and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting graphic design services.