Sample Contract

This document applies to my web design (including development, support and infrastructure) services.

I believe things should be easy, so I’ve designed great services for you. This document outlines what’s expected from both of us to make sure you get what you need, that I do my part and that both of us have a ball in the meantime.

Who’s who?

I’m me (“I” being Alistair Dark, aka Ali) and you’re you (“you” referring to the signatory).


During our consultation we decide on what you need. That goes in a document, and there are specific dollar amounts attached to each process of the project. Each process is paid for separately, before it commences. This works for both of us because you can committ to one stage at a time, when you’re happy with what’s been accomplished previously.


I provide services, deliminated as “processes.” I don’t provide products. My services are often described as products to make thigns comprehensible, but they’re not. I say a “microbusiness website” costs $898 because I’ve estimated the typical amount of work required for such a website, and broken down a typical project into processes, each with their own cost.


A “project” is made of all the processes we think you need. The project itself is your thing. I only provide processes and help you define your project. I can’t guarantee that your project will be completed, as it depends largely on you. I can only guarantee that I will complete each process as described and paid for in advance, with the sincere aim of completing the entire project as defined in our initial consultation.

I believe in documentation, so everything required will be stipulated, even for my most affordable offerings. This contract will be attached to a list and description of the processes you intent to hire me for.


I work on a strict payment upfront policy, although I will probably let you hear some good ideas for free when you call me :).

Payment occurs before each process commences, starting with our initial consultation. (This does not include our first point of contact, where we’ll discuss your needs and intentions in a broad sense.)

I prefer if you shift funds from your account into mine by what ever means you prefer. Maths is not my strong suite but account depositis and balances are pretty simple.

Bottom Line

Design is how I help people. The web is a medium I love. You are a people.