See no #### hear no ####

Posted on June 13, 2007

It’s time to put fingers to keys again and leak some ideas out into the world. A new way of thinking about how we create reality has been forcing me to reconsider my methods, and turn from detailed understanding and criticism of our ways to mere enthusiasm about the positivity in what we already have.

The crux of it is this: as we are inherently positive and good beings. Thus positive acts/causes carry positive reverberations/consequences through the world much further than negative acts/causes do. We, as positive beings, respond more to a measure of goodness than to an equal measure of the opposite ? or at least we are beginning to. Human nature is not neutral. ‘Good and Evil’ are not a dichotomy with equal influence over humanity

In a cumulative process, we are recognising and internalising more and more positivity. Those who are waiting patiently for the economic/social/political system to be changed/reformed/replaced should know it is far more effective to celebrate positivity than to criticise negativity. We need to let go of our doomsday wishlist for civilisation and start recognising the good in us. For example, if we tell a leader that he is having a negative influence because of this or that, the ego in him will get defensive and no good will come of our observation. Alternatively, tell him that one thing (even if out of ten) he has done is excellent and positive, and something subtle but powerful will light up within him. The encouragement is far more valuable than the criticism, because it is far more easily heeded and taken on board.

With more positive reinforcement in all aspects of society we will begin to identify with and thus internalise more and more positivity, leading us into a natural state where we recognise negativity as external to our nature. As this becomes more of a norm, our world will change without the need for revolution or disaster. Any effort to cling to the primitive false identity will then be like swimming against the current ? futile and exhausting.

I’m not sure what this means for Spirit & Politik as it was founded with different means in mind. But I no longer wish to reflect the tendency to view positive and critical thinking and commenting as having equal weight and use in creating a better world.