Senator Andrew Bartlett on Veg*nism for the Environment

Posted on May 6, 2008

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In the face of the country’s worst drought in a century, the government is preparing measures to address water scarcity and expected severe weather.

Senator Bartlett: Even before climate change became a big issue, we had big issues here in Queensland in Australia about land clearing for example and the impact that had on water quality, soil erosion, loss of vegetation, and a huge part of that was to do with the cattle industry, a direct linkage.

Senator Andrew Bartlett for the state of Queensland speaks with Supreme Master Television on how he believes solving climate change is best accomplished through a comprehensive approach.

Senator Bartlett: I’m not suggesting that all we have got to do is go vegan and greenhouse problem solved! But it is such a big easy thing that people can do individually. They don’t have to sit back and hope governments will fix everything. They don’t have to sit back and wait until the public transport system improves; they can do it now. Even if people significantly reduce and cut back and seek out vegan options or vegetarian options, the more the public demand comes for it, the more options are provided and it becomes a lot easier to do.

A longtime vegan himself, Senator Bartlett has been outspoken about the health and economic benefits of a plant-based diet. Now, the reasons to forgo meat have become more critical for the environment.

Senator Bartlett: Veganism is becoming recognized as being something that people do, and it is a totally valid and healthy lifestyle. When you put it in the context of climate change, then there is a lot more urgency about it. It’s not just about gradually trying to change the world for the better over the course of a few centuries. It’s about recognizing if we don’t cut back greenhouse emissions enormously in a very short space of time, then we are going to permanently damage, seriously damage our environment.