Shine Marketing 101

Posted on August 8, 2010
Updated October 23, 2015

As in the beginning so in the end. What goes around comes around. Karma. Cause and effect. Action and retribution. This is the truism behind shine marketing.

Trees in rich soil, drinking pure water, give delicious and healthy fruit.

Just like those trees, when we source our inspiration from positive places in our surroundings and self, we create value for others that goes beyond the immediate material needs, but lightens their life and by extension – the world.

The whole concept concretes an uplifting vision of self and humanity. It paints a picture of people existing to help and benefit each other, and reaching into themselves for excellence and truth. It works, because reality is what we make it.

Shine Marketing is how we will market in a world committed to sustainability. Shine marketers assume abundance and they get it and give it.

Shine Marketers recognize value in all forms, material, economic, emotional, and not also, but especially spiritual.

There is planning, there is strategy, there is striving, focus and creativity. But at the root of all this the desire to better yourself and the world – which comes from the most basic quality of our being… luuuurv.

I call it shine marketing because we need to conceptualize it. We need permission to use it.

Thanks cobalt123 for the shiny pic.