WSPCA Declaration on Animal Welfare

The World Society for the Protection of Animals needs our help in reaching the 10 million mark on their petition. Add your name to it and hopefully it will get to 6 billion.

The petition…

This page gets a few visits every day, with very few people going on to sign. You got this far, put your name down. Please don’t think that you don’t need to bother signing because many other people will. I did this ages ago and there is no spam or anything like that.

There is an immediate need to recognise the growing consensus in popular and expert circles that animals are beings who feel and suffer, who should be treated as self-possessed beings like humans and not like material property for our use and abuse.

We simply don’t know what corners are cut to bring us the 53 billion animals a year we think we need for food (we don’t even need to eat meat- plenty of vegetarians for life will tell you that, and other vegetarians including Carl Lewis and Mohammed Ali). We have developed an inhumane and extremely wasteful and unsympathetic attitude to animal life. The contradiction between how we treat some animals differently from others schisms our subconscious, and dehumanises us all.

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  1. “Declaration on Animal Welfare”: And now the truth is revealed… as usual – buried deep in a typical deceptive AR webite. WSPCA is Animal RIGHTS, NOT Welfare. Why not be up front about it?? What are you afraid of?

  2. What’s wrong with Animal Rights? What kind of welfare will animals have without rights, when the pressure to extract profit from them is so high?

    If you go to the survey you won’t find much about animal rights. This is what they do say:

    Help us achieve global recognition that animals matter, that they can feel pain and can suffer and that we have a responsibility to put an end to cruelty around the world. We seek 10 million signatures to let the governments of the world know we are serious about achieving a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare at the United Nations.

    Improving animal welfare can also improve the welfare of people relying on these animals. Over a billion people directly depend on animals around the world for their livelihoods. People look to animals for companionship as well, and in many cases animals are considered part of the family.

    So stop fearmongering and disinforming please. On closer inspection we can see that you are from the US Fish and Wildlife Services. I see that:

    Since the late 19th century, hunters concerned about the future of wildlife and the outdoor tradition have made countless contributions to the conservation of the nation’s wildlife resources. Today, millions of Americans deepen their appreciation and understanding of the land and its wildlife through hunting. Hunting organizations contribute millions of dollars and countless hours of labor to various conservation causes each year. (

    Does this make up part of your salary? Extras? A little on the side? Nothing wrong with conservation, of course, but conserving some animals so that they can be shot point blank by people like Dick Cheney?

    Hunters display a shocking disrespect for life. Fair enough, somepeople rear livestock because they can’t grow enough food on their arid land. Hopefully this will one day change when we distribute resources in a fairer way. But to destroy life – for fun???? I wouldn’t take these people’s money. What good could come of being obliged to favour their destructive self-serving tendancy?

    Have you noted the attitudes of hunters to war? Hunters are like those people who agree with the ‘national security at all cost’ line. They don’t care about deaths in other nations. They don’t care about life at all. They only care about their own little family ond others just like it. They are desensitised to life. That’s why they kill – humans and animals – without being much affected.

    ‘Human rights’ and ‘animal rights’ are just formal recognitions of the need for human and animal welfare. Those who disregard life in animal form are a step closer to doing the same for life in human form. A couple of hundred years ago universal human rights were non-existant. Human welfare suferred. A majority grew out of a minority in response to the mistreatment of ‘savages’ by ‘civilised’ slave traders and plantation owners (etc). Today a growing majority believes in animal sentience and the importance of animal welfare, and that should be formalised like human rights.

    Birds, pigs, other animals and humans are all equally alive, if not equally expressive. The WSPCA petition is geared to wider recognition of that (it’s already written in the EU constitution). This is not contradictary to the mission of the US Fish and Wildlife, is it? Watch the movie ‘Amazing Grace’ and note the parallels. The movie is an injection of hindsight into our modern contradictions.

    Oh, and, who is being deceptive? Why not link to your oganisations website and add your name. There’s the facility to enter your URL in the comment section. Don’t confuse my readers.

  3. My letter to the US Fish and Wildife Services:

    I would like more information to accompany a comment on my website from ‘HB’ made by FWS.

    The post and comment can be viewed here:

    I would like more information to accompany the post on my website, to clarify whether the FWS is actually against animal welfare or animal rights, and why this comment was made.

    Best regards and thank you.

  4. From US Fish and Wildlife Services:

    Mr. Dark,

    Thank you for contacting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Unfortunately
    we are unable to help you with your inquiry. There are 11 U.S. Fish and
    Wildlife Service employees nationwide with the initials “HB.” None is an
    official spokesperson for the agency. We believe that the individual
    making the comment on your web site was not an employee of the U.S. Fish
    and Wildlife Service. If, however, the individual making the comment on
    your web site was indeed a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee, his or
    her remarks are a matter of personal opinion and do not reflect the
    opinions or policies of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, nor should they
    be construed as doing so.


    Customer Service Center – Tier II
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  5. i really am sad that animas are abused so thats why i take really good care of my dog 2 fish and a hamster, i think people can make a diffrence if they put a lot of there heart and mind into it.

  6. The Bible tells us to be good guardians and stewards of of this planet we live on. Is it not sad that mankind is still of the opinion that it is within their right to use and abuse flora and fauna. It is about time, it is lactually long overdue, that we recognise the fact that animals also have rights, i.e. to a decent and happy life.

  7. animals are our friends.would you kill and then eat your friends.I think not if you call yourself human.

  8. of course animal rights matter, I just heard about and saw a investigative program abot a french woman, `julie lochbrunner´ living in southern Spain, running a for profit, so called animal rescue for very sick dogs, `Julies Rescue`, that she maneged to sell all over Europe to unsuspecting, animal loving people for 500 euros each, she s sold over 7.000 dogs, with falsified passports, many of them very
    sick, and dying when reaching their new homes in nothern Europe, none of the dogs had had any medical care, or been treated or examined before they were sent away, to their new homes, she s making a business of selling these sick animals around Europe, and has to days date earned more than 3 million euro, none of the dogs are ever spayed or neutered, she doesn t believe in that, so she s got a never ending supply of new dogs, that need to be adopted, by caring, unsuspecting animal loving people, who gladly pay 500 euros, to give the poor dogs new homes, all the dogs were very, very dirty and scratching themselves, some were dying, she doesn t believe in putting dogs down or treating them, `a dog that s eating is not sick`, well these poor sick dogs, were living horrible painful lives, slowly dying, in her dirty rescue, all running around together, sick, dying dogs and little puppies, and all the male dogs were jumping the females, so that there were, is a never ending supply of new dogs, to sell off to new animal loving people, who gladly pay 500 euros, for the beautiful dogs from julies rescue, she has her own web page of course, fills in the passports, grabs any dogs, put 2 in each cat carrier and send them of to sweden, non stop driving, in a small car, the carrriers, on top of each others, when they re arriving in Sweden, shocked people see half dead dogs, being dragged out of the car, from their small cat carriers, a long ride under terrible conditions in the hot summer, that s julies rescue, and the animal loving
    julie lochbrunner, but the EU allows this, so noone can stop her, they all have their stamped passports, stamped by a corupt veterinarian, well this was the most horrible story I ever heard of, and when the reporters came back to julie, and julies rescue, all she had to say
    was that this is a complot, this is a complot, and how could you do this, but pictures tell a thousand words, so yes ANIMAL RIGHTS DO MATTER, THE ANIMALS CAN NOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, many of the dogs really got very good homes in Sweden, running around in the snow, I had to laugh, the poor little spanish dogs running around in deep snow, and being treated like royalty, I looked at the pictures of these beautiful dogs from Julies `we re such a good, serious rescue webpage`, put out on the web, after the story aired, and I was truly moved, the dogs that escaped Julies Rescue hell, live good lives in Sweden, with caring loving families, but not all are success stories, many have died, and many are very, very sick,and dying, and the swedish vets are baffleled, with these sick dogs, they ve never been in contact with these illnesses before, and don t know how to treat them, but they re not on the `we re so happy web page` from Jlies rescue cassie animal lover rights activist

  9. I think that people that abuse animals are tortured inside themselves and can’t stand to see others happy (including animals). I’m not saying it’s an excuse, but that is why they make laws to protect the animals. I love my greyhound I adopted from a greyhound rescue. I love animals and think everyone deserves the right to live happy, healthy and full lives.