WSPCA Declaration on Animal Welfare

The World Society for the Protection of Animals needs our help in reaching the 10 million mark on their petition. Add your name to it and hopefully it will get to 6 billion.

The petition…

This page gets a few visits every day, with very few people going on to sign. You got this far, put your name down. Please don’t think that you don’t need to bother signing because many other people will. I did this ages ago and there is no spam or anything like that.

There is an immediate need to recognise the growing consensus in popular and expert circles that animals are beings who feel and suffer, who should be treated as self-possessed beings like humans and not like material property for our use and abuse.

We simply don’t know what corners are cut to bring us the 53 billion animals a year we think we need for food (we don’t even need to eat meat- plenty of vegetarians for life will tell you that, and other vegetarians including Carl Lewis and Mohammed Ali). We have developed an inhumane and extremely wasteful and unsympathetic attitude to animal life. The contradiction between how we treat some animals differently from others schisms our subconscious, and dehumanises us all.

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