For Small Business

Like you I run a small business. We do things well and don’t compromise. We don’t settle for less. Our business is our baby.

But when it comes to a website, I’ve seen a lot of people like us expereince significant stress. Because there are so many approaches you might take, it’s hard to know who to trust.

This is why I offer my services as a web designer. I learned by working with small businesses and I know how to get bang for buck, as well as create something creatively stylish.

I’ll give you a couple of tips.

Because you’re running (or going to run) a successful small business, I know you understand the importance of the basics: the simple core elements that make up 80% of what you do.

Focus on the basics.

I carry this focus on what’s important into a website, ensuring it’s a part of the business model, reflects the basic purpose and is built with well-supported, tried and tested web technologies.


Too many websites are unclear and hard to use, because the simple, important things are ignored in favour of complicated bells and whistles that mean nothing to the peope whose problems you solve. I’m here to make sure your website isn’t one of those.

How does it work?

Every project starts with a chat, which moves into consultation. Then I design your content and visuals, and get your site live.

Each project is different, but here’s a rough guideline with likely costs. But we’ll confirm a uniquely suitable process during the consultation.


We chat to identify and visualise your needs. This is intensive and a lot of experience and skill goes into it.

As long as it takes: $199.

Content and Copy

Ideally your content will be prepared alongside the rest of the design so they work together fluidly. That said, this serice is an optional addition.

If needed as a result of the consultation, I do a little research and decide what information your website needs to communicate and how, in terms of emotion. I know you know what you want your website to say, but believe me, there’s a lot of ground to be gained for your business by really considering this. (Hint: it’s not just about making it snappy).

$149 for the homepage and $99 per additional page (I don’t write the long content pages such as your terms – this is for the crucial core pages).


This is an optional service I love to provide if needed! Drawn illustrations cost varyingly depending on complexity, ranging from $50 for simple cartoon images to $300 for more painterly and conceptual peices. We’ll have already decided what you need in the consultation.

Design & Development

We use WordPress, and Woo Commerce for e-commerce (making it super easy to extend, upgrade, edit and welcoming to other professionals). I design as I build, according to our initial vision, making changes along the way.

Standard: 5 Days $699.

E-commerce sites: 8 days $999.

What you need to prepare

When we’re ready to go, I’ll need some things from you.

  • Any brand material such as a logo, in the highest quality available.
  • Any page content you want on your site (as it stands, you can update it as you go).
  • Time set aside for your project. You’ll need to be fully contactable all week to ensure best results for your project. I do my best to have everything I need to work independently, but in the case I need to talk with you but can’t, you need to be there.
  • Your domain name. We can talk about this in our consultation and it can be part of the content design process. But it’s important that you register this personally.


I host your site to make sure it’s done right, unless otherwise required. That’s $199 per year per 10gb site, which includes on-server backups and server backups twice a year and basic site maintaince such as upgrades.


You don’t need to pay for everything upfront. I do my work in a logical order – each individual process is paid for in advance. I document everything so that you can take any work with you at any point. Everyone’s happy!