Supreme Master Ching Hai

We can all be the Master of ourselves. That is a simple message that Supreme Master Ching Hai brings. For decades she has been helping her students realise this, and She has brought me closer and closer to this goal of mine for the past six years. She imbues my life not only with a positive direction but also a strength and support.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what to tell you about the Master, but I have to tell you something because She’s a marvelous gift to this world. I can only tell you what I see:

She is a loving, competent and loved spiritual guide;

She is an inspirational humanitarian;

She is a person for whom the world’s suffering is Her own; a figure of deep human empathy;

She sacrifices 100% of Her time to improve the lot of the world’s people and animals; She prefers working for the good of others to eating and sleeping.

She happily gives all and never asks anything.

But this can only be a partial reflection of what the Master is.

The website set up to disseminate Master’s teaching is There you’ll find a magazine which contains many words spoken by the Master and reports of activities of Her disciples all over the world, in spreading the Master’s care. Whether you’re looking for a Spiritual Guide or not, I’m sure you’ll find much inspiration and insight into your own path there.

Other online publications:

An brief introduction to Master’s teachings is transcribed from a lecture at the United Nations. It is available in many different languages to read online or download as a PDF. There’s also the new book which has been made freely available, full of great advice and insights for those on the path or thinking about it: Secrets to Effortless Spiritual Practice.

There is also “I Have Come to Take You Home“, a more thorough record of Master’s talks over the earlier years of Her Mastership.

Articles on this site inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Books by Supreme Master Ching Hai

God bless!

These are recent and entertaining MP3s from Master, mostly from Paris in 2007, where Master read and commented on poetry from Sufi Masters of old.

The Poetry of Kabir 1 & 2

The Poetry of Rumi 1 & 2

India’s Legendary King Janak

Love is Always Good 1 & 2