Caravan - November 7, 2008 - hosted at at - Music, Works

Two solid years (04-05) in music production resulted in this seminal work.

Animal Sentience – a Rock Song for You - - Uncategorized

I’m not using flash audio players any more, so you’ll have to download and play: alextababa-“animal sentience” – free download and share I actually made this one summer’s night a year ago, with my laptop, through the night, on the veranda, while everyone else was sleeping. It was a rough night… I pretty much destroyed […]

Blogs Inc. - July 14, 2008 - Uncategorized

Hi there. If you’re following the Whirled Peas feed you’ll notice a sudden injection of non-cooking content. And if you’re following the RSS for or Whirled Peas Blog, you’ll notice a sudden injection of tips on making vegetarian and vegan snacksĀ  ;) The Whirled Peas Blog and Whirled Peas have just been amalgamated. I […]