A Letter to a Hospital Nutrition Department - October 23, 2008 - Uncategorized

If you run a nutrition clinic of any sort, please consider my letter, written for the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. To Whom It May Concern: I know that your department takes great care in providing excellent dietary advice for the speedy recovery of patients. This letter is to introduce information that you might find […]

Skippy Sausages? - October 1, 2008 - Uncategorized

No this is definately not one for Veggie Kitchen. The Australian today is running a poll. Will you BBQ Skippy to help arrest climate change? Here’s the result so far… Unfortunately there should be another choice, better for our country in myriad ways. Vegetarinism is linked to far less heart disease, cancer (especially breast, prostate […]

We Can’t Eat Timber? - July 29, 2008 - Uncategorized

It’s rare that I would pick up the pen to write something political nowadays (I learned my lesson in 2006), but I’ve been struck by a monumental deception on behalf of the Northern Territory meat industry. This article from ABC.net.au covers the situation, but basically, the government has imposed a moratorium on tree clearing in […]

Economic and Environmental Meltdown - July 13, 2008 - Uncategorized

I was eighteen when I realised that the lifestyles in countries like Australia are driving the world to a calamitic meltdown and tragic aftermath. It seems that this is entering common knowledge with experts speaking of “inevitable” economic and environmental collapses. Crisis Points: Water Land Food

Peace Starts… in the Kitchen - June 17, 2008 - Uncategorized

I’m looking over at the BBC blog for their program Newsnight. One comment, nestled among many, has revealed to me the ultimate problem with our civilization. The blog’s topic and first paragraph was: “The best solution would be for us all to become vegetarians”. So suggested the head of the UN climate agency, Yvo de […]

An Open Letter: buy back the grain! - June 16, 2008 - Uncategorized

Dear Australians In the near future we may be called on to step up to a challenge – and we should answer well and quickly when that time comes. Australia is forecast to produce around 20% of the world’s grain in 2008. Usually we would feed 60% or so of that grain to animals, and […]

Food Crisis, Biofuel and 60 Billion Animals - June 9, 2008 - Uncategorized

OK, I’m going to open this blog with something close to my heart… food. In this blog I want to ask questions as much as suggest answers… but I’m going to start with the latter. Problem=food wastage + unequal distribution. Solution= plant-based vegetarian foods + international cooperation. Not growing more food.

Biofuel, Livestock, Feed Conversion and Global Food Security. - June 8, 2008 - Uncategorized

A quick analysis of the FAO figures for expected cereal production and use in 2007/2008 reveals that much more food is wasted in feeding livestock than used in biofuel production. The global cereal output in 2008 will be around 2126 million tones (mt). Of this, it is expected that 1006mt will be eaten directly as […]

Mark Bittman: “less meat, less junk, more plants” - May 25, 2008 - Uncategorized

From the influential food critic of the New York Times, the call for Americans to reduce their meat consumption by 50%, and to end industrial animal agriculture, should pack more punch. I hope so, anyway. The truth is out there: vegetarianism is healthy, environmentally friendly, affordable and smart. That Mark is not a vegetarian only […]

Animals Australia reveals flaws in the CSIRO ‘total wellbeing’ diet - February 11, 2008 - Uncategorized

From Why are more and more people becoming vegetarian? The journal Nature is one of the world’s top 2 scientific journals (the other being the US journal Science). In an editorial on 22 December 2005 headed A recipe for trouble it commented on the Total Wellbeing Diet in less than glowing terms. It said that […]