Unflinching - November 7, 2008 - Uncategorized

I’ve never posted poetry here before… (mostly because I rarely write it!) and I know I’ve already made two other posts tonight… but here goes… searching endless dreams for an ancient love old homeland waking, the queen is found pride blinds, she cannot be gazed oh love restore glory to this mind wisdom to this […]

Caravan - - hosted at at soundcloud.com - Music, Works

Two solid years (04-05) in music production resulted in this seminal work.

Welcome Back… a Rant… and a Movie - September 2, 2008 - Uncategorized

Howdy. Whirled Peas is back at… Whirled Peas. And all this time without an outlet… oh my. Much has happened – not only the relocation of WP server. Angela and I moved house as well, to live with friends who are setting up a new ‘Loving Hut‘ franchise in Brisbane, Queensland! It’s really exciting and […]

Rock: “Animal Sentience” by alextababa - May 28, 2008 - Uncategorized

OK – I wrote and produced this track about a year ago in an all night session on the front deck – with a guitar and a laptop. For a loud song – it’s funny that the whole house was sleeping and no one knew I was making rock! MP3 This song expresses my angst […]

Improve the Self and peace will follow - February 12, 2007 - Uncategorized

Strangely, she looked to me like the girl in my dreams when I was just a little kid… but the words she spoke verified everything I have ever thought about the world. It’s a funny feeling, unexpected, but a good one. Here they are: (This video is available for streaming or download from http://www.godsdirectcontact.org.tw/tv/english/tv250.htm). “When […]