The Best Foreign Policy is Completely Naive.

Posted on June 11, 2008

Obama’s going to be great for this world. A relative from Washington recently told me she worried that he is too naive. Naive enough to revolutionize America’s foreign policy? Hope so.

Immanuel Wallerstein, famous in the social sciences for his accurate predictions about the global economy, also thinks Obama is a little Naive – when it comes to his promise of withdrawing America’s troops form Iraq. But this kind of naivety is what really encourages me about Obama.

What worried me about other candidates is their ‘experience’, their political ‘competence’ … their eagerness to compromise and to please. But sometimes you just need to get your nose out of the details to get big things done.

Wallerstein is right in saying that Peace will only come in Iraq when the people there make it. Some of the people of Iraq need to set aside the differences between themselves, look deeper into their religion and see how Mohammad was never for war at all, but for God. Most of the people there are waiting for a few to wake up. They are very patient too, I must say. What else can you do? The patronizing presence of America is only slowing this awakening and fostering unpleasant feelings.

I believe this is the also part of the motivation for Obama’s wanting to withdraw troops (as well as the fact that it’s the democratic thing to do seeing as how most people in America want their young back home). I hope he does this as quickly as possible.

Obama Iraq HearingSome countries abolish their armies. I hope Obama transforms America’s Army into an Army for Peace. And I don’t mean ‘Peacekeeping’, I mean disaster and hunger relief, infrastructure construction, all kinds of supportive activities at home and abroad. The world will quickly respect and love the people of America instead of … well. You know. Isn’t that the best foreign policy there could possibly be? I’m sure it will cost less. Leftover money can be invested a varety of social programs to get all the people in America back on their feet.

I really hope he’s that ‘naive’.