The Christmas Syndrome

Posted on December 16, 2006

There’s something I need to get off my chest despite my concerted efforts of late to be less critical and more positively reinforcing (a steep learning curve towards altogether new ground…). With two weeks ’till Christmas many will be emptying their banks at the bidding of social custom – and to the glee of that small percentage of humanity who sleep on piles of stolen treasure in caves. Many, like me, who have managed to push this annual embarrassment to the back of their mind for yet another year, are preparing mentally for the annual exposure of their financial disorganisation and their lack of the type of traditional values that keep our society “intact”.

Others, perhaps those who will become sociopaths or who will display chronic fatigue syndrome in 2007, will be asking themselves “why?” and perhaps thinking “what a waste!”. The mass purchase of unneeded and unwanted items is of course a symptom of a society completely ridden with Christmas Syndrome (maybe I can invent a drug for this and market it and get in on the yearly theft?!?).

Positively, why not celebrate with your family and friends but reserve the gift giving for occasions when help is truly needed? And if help is seldom needed amongst your love ones, why not seek out a worthy cause for your cash? There are plenty. Australian’s should be aware that their meagre dollar is worth more like a day’s sustenance for a whole family in some places where sustenance is harder to come by.

I’m afraid we will have no one to blame but ourselves if our human world does not develop an intrinsic immunity to Christmas Syndrome. One day if we wake up without our privileged position in the world economy, don’t cry out “why”. In preparation for a bright future, help cure the affluent world of Christmas Syndrome, symptoms of which include: apathy; indifference; insignificant feelings; powerless feelings; ignorance (may be accompanied by pangs of bliss); and a love for things but not for people, or a general confusion of the two.