The Coming Reunification of Israel, Gaza and West Bank.

Posted on January 27, 2009

History is our biggest common enemy.

Although, strictly speaking, Israel controls the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank, we can think of them as separate nations, as both refuse to integrate with the other.

Israel and Palestine are the perfect manifestation of the past plagueing the future. The feud represents the worst of human nature. Egoistic self-importance and materialistic self-identities prevent peace. So long as Israelis are Israelis and Palestinians are Palestinians, neither will be fully human. We human beings, who are all one species that can bear children together, are destined to be as one or disappear from God’s creation.

There is no possible political solution. The only solution to this problem is the eradication of harmful ideologies. This means willful evolution.

The integration of these two nations is the only way forward for them. It will symbolize forgiving and forgetting past wrongs. It will symbolize the ideal of oneness taking precedence over ethnicity and culture. It will realize the ideals of both faiths and the rejection of political interpretation of faith.

Individuals need to overcome the limiting bounds of national and ethnic identities and such baggage as ‘our land’.

Palestinians, you believe to have been wronged. Perhaps it was so. Perhaps your perceived  enemies are still wrong. Will you fight them to the death, or have peace? Or will you offer your hand, as if you are offering it to God hirmself? Let them blow it off if they want to, but be a divine lover of humanity and offer yourself unconditionally to oneness and peace.

Israelis, you believe you are threatened by hateful outsiders. Perhaps so. Perhaps also your fear is creating your enemies. You are not your forefathers, you need not defend their actions feeling as if they are your self. Everyone is a victim in the current situation. Will you fence out your neighbors forever? Or will you create a permanent peace by embracing them as one of your own, fellow human beings lost in a world of confusion and fear.