The disinformation hits the fan

Posted on February 3, 2007

What we need is an internationally led inquiry into Iran’s involvement in Iraq.

I am keeping this article at the top of the page for now, as it just becomes more and more relevant. It deals with two issues- firstly, the dangerous misquoting of Ahmadenjiad, and secondly, the current propaganda about Iranian terrorism in Iran. Following the text are a list of links to articles that have got me worried about what is really going on. (And if I haven’t mentioned it before, pray for peace and avoid eating meat to pacify the atmosphere of this world…!)

An article by Arash Norouzi adresses the constant high-level misquoting of Amadinejad: “Israel must be wiped off the map”

I’d also like to have a few words….

We are having some big problems if the international media is swallowing this:

“When the leader of state publicly announces his intentions to wipe a country off the map, and is busy creating the weapons to do so… we must act with all force against the plot.” –Ehud Olmert

I think that if Olmert gives two hoots about humanity he would not be directly misquoting Ahmadinejad. There has been no stated threat against Israel, and this “wipe off the map” quote has been artfully created by translators hostile to Iran and its president. Israel’s ambassador to the UN has taken the theme to similarly ridiculous heights of misunderstanding:

“There really was no Holocaust, but just in case, we shall finish the job” – Dan Gillerman, quoting Ahmadinejad.

Regarding Iran being ‘busy’ creating nuclear ‘weapons’, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Iran signs to the Nuclear non proliferation treaty and its nuclear sites are examined by the IAEA. Olmert has recently admitted that Israel is a nuclear power, confirming international speculation that Israel does in fact have a comprehensive unannounced/secret nuclear program. Israel does not sign to the treaty and no one inspects its facilities.

The IAEA released a report in September 2006 which clearly admitted that:

“to date there is no evidence that the previously undeclared nuclear material and activities were related to a nuclear-weapons program”.

Reading the latest IAEA report, from November last year, it does seem that there are many unresolved questions in Iran and there is still a limit to cooperation. While I heartily reject the endorsement of any weapon development at all, Iran’s developing weapons would not be worse than Israel’s, which has occurred secretly. Israel is lucky in this regard that it can easily fend of inquiry with reference to the unfortunate events of the Holocaust. Olmert has once again reminded all of us that Israel (an abstract entity as call ‘nations’ are) is the eternal victim, making it easy to fend of criticism of this belligerence.

Of course Iran’s belligerence is not helping the situation at all, but it doesn’t mean that a pre-emptive strike should be launched.

Ahmadinejad might might have said other things, but this ‘wipe off the map’ quote is a rather dangerous exaggeration, especially in this and this context. I hope people are praying for peace, and also for the growth of the mindsets without which peace is impossible- pacifism, and spirituality.

I want peace, but I want these idiots to be reprimanded- I want everyone to see as clear as daylight, that it gets us nowhere to group ourselves into defensive little ethnicities, hoarding as much as we can for ourselves, directing all our money into militarisation, creating an atmosphere of fear.

As an update to this situation, Bush as all but urged Americans to kill any Iranians the find in Iraq, the US wants to install missile defence systems in Eastern Europe to protect Europe from the Iranian threat, and this:

In interviews with the Post, two senior administration officials separately compared the Tehran Government to the Nazis and the Revolutionary Guard to the “SS” and referred to Guard members as “terrorists”.

Which is frightening, this propaganda has no basis in reality. These latest developments are outlined here (with further updates at the end of this article, from various ‘news’ resources). The plan to install missile defence in Eastern Europe has caused Russia to warn the US of ‘negative consequences.

What we need is an internationally led inquiry into Iran’s involvement in Iraq.

This comes from John Pilger:

What should journalists do? I mean, journalists who give a damn? They need to act now. Governments fear good journalists. The reason the Pentagon spends millions of dollars on PR, or “perception management” companies that try to bend the news is because it fears truth tellers, just as Stalinist governments feared them.

I am not a warmonger. I hope we will rebuild our paradigms and demilitarise our world. God bless us all, God give each of us insight into our own spirit, and the nature of the human condition. Please enlighten us quickly Master- and with the minimal trouble.

Additional links- updates:

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Note the use of words such as “believe”, “suspecting”, “said to have…” etc.
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A summary of the economic war against Iran and the misguided premise for it.
Ahmadinejad defiant on nuke program (Feb 2)
I know, let’s give no new information, but change the mood of the headline. I’m seriously concerned about the state of the world’s journalism. Luckily we are all guests here and when the place goes to shit we can just go home.
Clinton (Hillary) wants talks with Iran
Even if your assertion ‘aiming their weapons at us’ were true- shouldn’t you aim only to defeat their ‘hatred’ – not ‘them’ themselves? But your assertions aren’t true- you’ve been brainwashed. But it is nice that you want to ‘talk’, perhaps after that you’ll have a clue.
Iranians seized in attack on Hamas enclave (Feb 3)
Palestinian Fatah says they seized Iranian weapons experts siezed from an Islamic university in Gaza. No names or photos. Why?
Iran show nuclear facility to diplomats
Not sure what to make of this one. The diplomats were from the Arab League and the Non-aligned movement member states.