The Green Years

Posted on July 13, 2008

What will the green years look like? This post contains all you need to know to avert ecological and economic disaster. The solutions are very simple and accessible. We don’t need more technology or scientists to achieve the green years. We need…

  • No Meat!
    Currently we are feeding huge amounts of cereal to livestock. 70% of agricultural land is devoted to this purpose… 30% of all ice free land! This is the number one cause of deforestation. We will never live to see the green years if the world population continues to demand meat consumption at current levels. Huge ecological disasters will assuredly ensue. Concerted efforts for reforestation / revegetation in tandem with hugely reduced meat eating (or none, for optimum health and environmental benefits) are required. Each of us needs to contribute to this.
  • Pedal Power!
    Getting around on a bicycle is the most energy efficient form of transport by far – multiple times more efficient than even the prius or our own two feet. Our own body, combined with two wheels, makes the most efficient engine.
  • Frugal Living
    The way we live today, it’s hard to imagine life without all the attention grabbing entertainment that technology brings us. TV, games, lights glaring on buildings. All take us away from ourselves and keep us from the realization that what really makes us happy is our selves and each other. We don’t need the decoration and distraction, especially when they are sucking the life out of our global ecology.

There you have it folks. You now know what the green years will look like. The points above are actually expansions on the advice of Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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