Unplug the Expired Ideas

Posted on May 25, 2009

If someone disagrees with us, a little humility might go a long way. It might just be that they are helping us dislodge a idea that’s rusting away inside of us, well passed it’s used by date.

I’ve touched on this before but now more than ever it’s time to cast aside stale ideas in favor of a deeper common sense, aka, wisdom.

Ideas are useful because we can’t examine everything all the time in order to know the reality of it. Some things we need to take for granted to get on with life. Ideas are packages, formulas, conclusions already reached, inspirational directives that sit atop infinite calculations and careful and philosophizing.

Everyone uses ideas, in fact our mind operates an idea called the ‘neuromatrix’ which fills gaps in sensation so that we always feel we have a body even when parts of it are not there. And our mind fills in blank spots in our vision automatically, using preconceived ideas about what should be there, irrespective of what is actually there. Society itself is made of ideas, and to operate smoothly many people must abide these ideas. Hence it is offensive to some to shovel peas onto a fork, they must be speared onto the prongs individually. Generational gaps are often guarded by ideas. But where do ideas stop and common sense begin?

Ideas can sometimes just be too convenient.

There is a point at which they become dangerous misrepresentations of reality. Some ideas are particularly useful, they are putty over holes and boards over gaps in our personality. Don’t want to understand something? Find the right idea and slap it on the whole matter, no need for worry, someone will always share your idea.

Ideas can be defence mechanisms when they conflict with other’s ideas or with reality. Sometimes it’s easier to set up an idea as a fence than it is to face reality and change ourselves.

But, as it’s said, the truth hurts, but it heals. When you find yourself feeling threatened, take a closer look at your mind and be careful of emotional reactions set off by threatened ideas. It may feel as if a piece of your brain is being removed when an idea goes. But it’s always just the junk we’re too attached to, or have mistaken for our own selves.