Vegetarian Life Savers: A List

Posted on July 24, 2008

Until further notice you are still a vegetarian in a non-veggie world (we’re working on it). So what if you’re out of the house, hungry, unprepared and your wallet has been leaking?

Here are the items I know I can buy anywhere there is a 7-11, Coles, Woolworths, etc.

  1. Plain Potato Chips
    While I’m sure they’re not healthy every day, they do a great job of filling me up with “Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Salt” (the ingredient label that most of them carry). Plain Potato Chips are an icon of civilization (I’m not saying that’s good…) and it’s amazing that they don’t carry a complicated list of ‘unpronouncables’ or animal derivatives. These are my favourite vegetarian lifesavers, because they’re the best combination of nutrition (cough), taste and portability.
  2. Bread / Bread Rolls
    Found wherever there are shops, a bread rolls will keep you going until you get home. Get wholemeal! Totally tasteless but totally nutritious.
  3. Hommus and Pepper Water Crackers
    If there is a Coles or Woolworths around, and I am not that broke, I choose these (and a ginger beer). It’s a fancy type of “lifesaver”, I know.
  4. Plain / Original Corn Chips + Salsa
    Like the Hommus, these are only good if you’ve got a twenty minutes to sit down and dip away.

What about you? If you are vegetarian, or lacto-vegetarian, what do you eat when you’re out on the run with no time to shop around?