Veggie Signatures

Posted on August 23, 2008


UPDATE: There is also an impressive “Food vs. Feed‘ petition which is running until 12 April 2009 and will be delivered to the secretariat general of the United Nations.

If you haven’t signed veg4earth yet, do so quickly! It just hit the 2500 mark.

A few petitions are circling around the globe at the moment, which are another great way (besides eating vegetarian) to help the planet, animals and other people.

The most impressive was the ‘No Meat No Heat‘ campaign in Taiwan, which garnered the support of roughly 5% of the population. If you’re not from Taiwan, don’t panic, you can still put your name on global efforts such as Veg4Earth (now at 2500 signatures). The petition is currently available in 13 languages.

Europeans can sign the “Abolition of the European Union’s economic support of livestock and fishing industries” petition.