Web Resources: Environment

Posted on July 17, 2008

This is the first in a series of web resources for a variety of purposes. The list will likely expand so add it to your bookmarks! I bring this post to the front from time to time when a valuable new resource pops up on the net. Brian’s post is one:

  • Earthtrends (World Resources Institute)
    An interactive database of many, many environmentally relevant statistics
  • How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic (Grist)
    If someone wants to lord their pseudo-scientific knowledge over yours, I suggest running away. This will conserve energy for more productive tasks. This page is very enlightening reading if you have questions about climate change.
  • Carbon Trading Links
    … “The third approach, which Barnes favors, is ownership of the sky by the federal government on behalf of all Americans. Under this approach, a board of trustees would auction annually greenhouse gas emissions trading permits. Upstream sources — oil and gas wells, coalmines, and tankers — would buy and sell carbon emission permits to suit their needs.” An interesting approach and a good overview of carbon trading models.

  • A New Global Warming Strategy (Earthsave)
    This page summarizes the important benefits of changing the global diet towards plants and away from animals. Earthsave is a grassroots organization aimed at increasing awareness of the fastest way to deal with climate change.
  • Tapping the Oceans (The Economist)
    But now things are changing. As more parts of the world face prolonged droughts or water shortages, desalination is on the rise.
  • Ticking Time Bomb (Counterpoint)
    This discusses the real possibility that methane hydrate will be released from the ocean and permafrost into the atmosphere. There’s nearly enough to make the whole atmosphere flammable! You get the picture, enough of my dramatization. It could be only half that much.
  • Is Meat Sustainable (WorldWatch)
    WorldWatch Institute has compiled this thorough report that clearly demonstrates the non-sustainability of eating meat.