Welcome Back… a Rant… and a Movie

Posted on September 2, 2008

Howdy. Whirled Peas is back at… Whirled Peas.

And all this time without an outlet… oh my. Much has happened – not only the relocation of WP server. Angela and I moved house as well, to live with friends who are setting up a new ‘Loving Hut‘ franchise in Brisbane, Queensland!

It’s really exciting and looks so great – we’ve already got some of the menu worked out and I can tell you the hilights are going to be the (vegan) “egg” sandwiches and vegan-organic coffee!

Now for the rant – I want you new vegetarians and vegans to be proud of yourselves. Because besides environmentalism and health consciousness there is another important aspect of the non-harm diet, and that is not harming other beings.

I don’t want to get all philosophical on you but I want to remind you of the great decision you’ve made to reduce the suffering in this world. I’m sure the powers that be will treat you kinder for it too.

When I went veggie I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, it was just part and parcel of a meditation technique. Seven years later I know how great it is, and I know that it takes time to realise what one has truly accomplished in going veggie.

The benefits are multifaceted – across the board – and bring peace inside and out. I am no longer responsible for the abuse of any being and I feel deep regret for ever having been. And I know I am forgiven too, because of just this regret and understanding.

It took a number of years to care though – a “re-sensitisation” process.  Deliberately exposing myself to the violence done against animals, in the form of videos like Earthlings, helped marvelously in repenting and reconciling through a pledge to be proactive.

There you have it, just a quick rant… I do try to make them few and far between and focus on useful, proactive advice.