What Do I Do When Fun Isn’t Fun Anymore?

Posted on October 24, 2008

Suggestions welcome.

In the very beginning it was simply TV and music and computer games. Then it was drinking and computer games. Then it was making music, meditating, learning from the Master and computer games. Then it was computer games. Then it was music and exploring the intellectual aspect of spirituality and the world, and a little computer games.

Now I have no desire or need to do anything intellectual at all. Now Computer games are excruciatingly boring. Now there is no drinking and TV is rubbish. I enjoy listening to Master, but the wonderment has worn off, it’s mostly a casual affair. What can I enjoy?

I would love to kayak around lakes and rivers, walk mountains, camp out… most of this stiff requires a car and some money. I refuse to work for these things….

Should I learn how to grow things?

Should I try painting again?

OK, I’m going to go with the first two for now, although the second one has alwayus felt like kind of a waste of time.