What I Want for the World #1 – people

Posted on May 16, 2009

These days I’ve been feeling a little tired in my mind, frustrated with the ways of the world and loosing sight of any vision that makes anything worthwhile. This little peice of writing I’m about to committ to the screen is going to reaffirm my deepest hopes and dreams for the world, and the people in it. I’m posting it in case you need similar inspiration.

By the way, I don’t feel it’s enough to say “no more war, poverty or discrimination”. Peace, plenty and equality are the branches… what I want are the roots. So I must start with…


images[1]I wish people feel secure in their hearts and minds. I wish that people have what the need and that whatever kind of world they live in provides enough without neighbourly competition. I wish that people feel so happy inside themselves that material circumstance or appearance aren’t such an issues. This means they don’t mind so much that their neighbour is better looking or that physical limitations are so dire. Also we don’t need to avoid ugliness or cling to beauty, or be fooled by both.

I wish that people considered others at all times, no matter how mundane the situation or unimportant the person to them. I wish that every gave and gave and gave, so that everyone is constantly receiving and giving from and to others – be it care, thought or resources. In short, I wish that each other became our treasure possessions, each moment becoming the whole.

I wish fathers could look sons in the eye and vice versa. I wish people could tell others what is really important to them and I wish others would hear. I wish teachers were always in the classroom for the children and nurses always there for the patients. I wish it were okay to fail, okay to rest and okay to die.

Most of these wishes can’t just magically come into being, but they will be created from somewhere… somewhere or something that is missing in our world, even though it has perhaps begun to form and is forming and solidifying with exponential speed.

This world has troubled me all my life and with all my heart I think it can be better.

I’m sure I can write this better so I will probably be returning to this sooner or later…

When people are isolated from each other it always feels the same, that’s what I think. Of course they may be reacting differently or thinking in different terms, but the same feeling of hardness; of the consolidation of hopelessness, sadness and loneliness, the closing of channels and the setting of the mind, must be the same suffocating experience for everyone.

I wish people never need to shy from others, either in their hearts or in their daily life. I wish interaction and cooperation is always easy, pleasant and fun. I wish the cycles that occur on the face of this globe turn in their course and lead to greater happiness for all.