What is a Crazy Person? I’m Just Talking.

Posted on February 12, 2012
Updated June 29, 2018

A crazy person is someone who thinks they are better than other people and goes about their days secretly criticising everything and everyone according to their own abstract standards but putting on a show of being nice.

I often write and talk like I’m better than other people. But I have earned that right through total acceptance of my idiocy, ignorance and other human traits. I can talk about people the way I talk about myself, that’s just do unto others. So please don’t think I’m talking down to anyone. I’m just talking, you know? And from my perspective, there’s absolutely no offence meant.

That’s because I believe wholeheartedly in the unique and essential qualities of each person, and the purity and wisdom that they represent. The world kind of programs us, which we all know, but I don’t think we know to what extent. I might talk smack, but it’s just about culture, not really about any one person’s faults. Just like I’d tell someone if there was crap on their front tooth, I consider it a favour when I point out the invisible garbage we cover ourselves with, collectively and individually. And hey, please, point out mine.

When I write the way I want to, opposed to the way I think I should I know it isn’t far off crazy. Thankfully at some point someone installed a good quality alarm system in my head that goes off whenever I loose touch with the reality of my humanity. And seeing as I feel compelled to write, God knows why, I might as well make it the way I like.

There are many many people in this world you want to stay further away from than me. The quiet, secretly superior people, who will withhold the truth nature of their amazingness (compared with your smallness) during their interaction with you.

These are the crazy ones, the ones who have lost touch with reality. And I think we all have some of these people bleating in our ears from time to time, from somewhere near our left ear, as well as over the fence, cubicle divider, dinner table, and wherever else.

Human beings need to realise what they are, and what they aren’t… that’d be a start.

(Excuse my toothpaste splattered mirror. It is much cleaner now. I promise.)