What is forgiveness?

Posted on December 24, 2006

Injustice exists, to be sure. But pity should be felt for those who commit it. As a great soul says, the real victims of injustice are the perpetrators. They show themselves to be ignorant of the nature of life and their own nature as spiritual beings. If we respond to injustice with the thought of revenge, in the guise of ‘justice’, then we should also be pitied for we are just as ignorant, lowly and undeveloped.

Forgiveness is the understanding that injustice will sometimes occur in this imperfect material world with its imperfect materialistic beings. Forgiveness is the aspiration for perfection, breaking the chain of ignorance with enlightened thoughts. Forgiveness is responding to injustice with understanding, the rejection of revenge and the knowledge that other’s ignorance can be cured through our own shining example of compassion. Compassion, not just for material hardship, but compassion for those ignorant beings who are so threatened by material life that they seek to defend it through violence to others.

“Like a lotus grown from the mud” is a description of spiritually evolved people. The phrase can also refer to forgiveness, shining amongst the adversity of injustice.