What’s the difference between a blog and a website?

Posted on January 5, 2010

Practically speaking, nothing.

What’s a Blog?

But theoretically there is a difference. A Blog is a ‘web log,’ an internet based journal. So that makes it a type of website. For example, this entry is a ‘post’ in the blog section of Blog Frog.

In practice though a blog can also function just like a fully-blown website with a section devoted to journaling. If you go to my front page you’ll see a link to the blog but also static pages: About and Services.

Today’s blogs also include static pages which makes them websites in their own right, although most people refer to the whole site (eg: Blog Frog) as a blog. So Blog Frog is a website with a blog. But lo, I created this site using web-based blogging software! How nifty is that?

You want a website with a blog. Yes you do, trust me. Without costing extra, what a blog will do is

  • show your customers/audience that you really know your stuff
  • demonstrate your passion – a valuable asset otherwise hard to flaunt
  • keep yourself interested and proactively occupied
  • build your brand, whether it be your business’ or your own.

I guess I’ll need to expand on these and add other points in another post. Stay tuned!