Who is the victim?

Posted on January 18, 2007

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If we want to maintain that the victims of war are the ones whose land is taken, who are attacked, robbed or other, then we continue to deny the spirituality of life. Howso? We take account of things from a physical point of view only, looking only at our matierial gains and losses and wrongly assuming that our mental states are more damaged by the war than our aggressors.

If spirituality is the guiding principle in life, if in fact these things are reality, as many of proclaim they are, then we must recognise that those without hatred in their hearts, without greed, without anger, pride, ignorance, they are the victors, the blessed, the lucky. Those who maintain that their material losses, even that of their own body, are just cause for killing, they are the victims, they are the ones who suffer in their ignorance, and will reap the suffering that they have sown.

Land, so what, let them take it. Take my life, for it has nothing to do with the fact of what life is. It’s just another room I’m staying in, and my Father’s mansion has many such rooms, brighter, for those fit to see. Mansur Al-Hallaj was a Persian saint a thousand years ago. They cut off his legs and arms, he said he has a way to move about which they cannot take away from him. They took out his eyes, he told them that there is a way to see which doesn’t depend on the physical eyes. They cut out his tongue, and hung him on the city wall until he died. But I say that if he had the realisation he claimed to (for which he was crucified), then he is the richest and luckiest of all, and he should have pity on the whole human world! Just as Jesus is admired for forgiving his persecutors. What else could he do, knowing what he knew, seeing life as he did?

Not that we should all be crucified. It’s just a paradigm, and it needs to change the one we live with now.