Why Doctors Can’t Say “Vegan”

Posted on February 4, 2012
Updated June 29, 2018

If you suffer from one of the chronic diseases linked to animal foods, like most Australians do at some time in their life, you’re not likely to have heard the vegan word in the Doctor’s office, even though as a rule the diet is the best for reversing your life-threatening condition.

Assuming you believe me on that one, isn’t that strange?

No one likes to admit they’re wrong, especially when they’re part of a larger wrongness that is modern ‘medicine,’ the chemical and procedural aftermath of the party that is today’s modern lifestyle.

Food is close to people’s hearts. Sometimes it’s the only memory of a loved one passed, along the lines of “Betty used to make me such a good lasagne…” It almost seems too much to part with the past, to call a wrong when it’s such a part of our history. For me, it’s sausages, peas corn and mash potato with tomato sauce, aka Meat and three veg, interspersed with lamb chops and somtimes steak.

I’d be a liar if I said my heart isn’t warmed by the memories of Mum, Dad, my sister and I around the family dinner table in the early years.

Doctors are traditionally from well off families, who tend in turn to be conservative in nature and often tied to rural Australia, where dignified, old fashioned professions are the way of things.

In any case they’re usually from strong familes with a great respect for culture, along with strong work and moral ethics.

Their own professions are the culmination of millenia of learning. So what if they’re among the sickest of us all?

if you’re from this type of background, hearing that there’s something wrong with animal foods is like being told there’s something wrong with everything. It pulls the rug out from a whole culture. It rips the identity right off the person. Can we really expect that to happen?

No, we can’t. I’d never expect a person to agree to having his skin ripped off which I guess would be easier than what I’m talking about here.

It makes far more sense to prevent such conditions as diabetes, heart disease and cancer with healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

And what’s that? It’s not an additional apple a dau. It’s not 30 minutes of exercise before a juicy does of processed choestorol.

Healthy food is vegan. That’s the difference.