The Secret of Great Customer Experience

A great customer experience doesn’t come in a laquer. Starbucks (for example) would like to make employees think it’s their responsibility to provide a great experience to their customers. But they wouldn’t even have to mention it if they realised that the responsibility belongs to everyone. It can’t be someone’s job to manufacture joy. When […]

The Screen

I dented my Macbook screen. My loved window to the world. My canvas. My beautiful, expensive retina screen with the perfect colours and great viewing angles. An investment I planned to cherish for years to come. I like my laptop to have battle scars. But not the screen. I went through a few breif stages […]

Potato & Pea Soup (v1)

Winter is on the way out but it’s still pretty… wintery. Growing up, I used to enjoy mush pea soup at my grandparents place. Here’s a variant of that. Serves: 1 Ingredients: 1 potato 1/4 leek 1 cup of garden peas 2 cups of water 1 teaspoon of salt (to taste). Optional: 1 capsicum 1 […]

Customers are Not the Enemy, Right?

This is a larger story I’m crafting out of one little example. For years I’ve been running into this barrier: wanting to improve customer experience for an organisation that doesn’t. For whatever reason, many businesses refuses to empathise with it’s customers at some point. A great expereince can only be provided by a business that […]

The Meaning of a Photo

Well, besides being able to use a camera, here’s what photography means to me as an art. It’s a perspective I’ve been slowly developing for some time, but one that has come into focus recently as I delve deeper. All the statements below aren’t meant as universal truths, they’re very subjective. But it’s fun to […]


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Photos from May

I’ve been really enjoying learning about photography lately – finally wrapping my grey matter around the concepts of Aperture and ISO. The best shots will go live here every month. Here’s May’s.              

Facebook for Professionals

Facebook is becoming a large part of many people’s solcial life. Frankly, many of the people I know are active on the site all day. I turned it all off for a while, but there’s really no staying away from the vortex for me. A friend recently expressed shock and horror at the type of […]