Passionate about design, usability and communication.

Also a digital artist and musician, writer and film lover. Currently living, studying and working in Brisbane, Australia.

Notzarella (2011-2013)

notza-blockIn 2011 I created a truly shreddable and meltable vegan pizza cheese, revolutionising the product category in Australia. In 2012 I launched Notzarella to great reception. The complete project was my individual work, including the packaging and web design; marketing and media; and business model.

IMG_0516I strove to keep things as simple as possible, defaulting to a simple brand, product and business essence. It has not, admittedly, become a large scale business, but has been run successfully in other hands since 2013.

The Notzarella phenomenon is my proudest achievement to date, and is sold around the country in retail stores as well as being used in many cafes and restaurants.

Design Work

Since 2008 I have helped several businesses with planning and design, most recently children's entertainer Renata Jayne for who I created marketing and publishing strategy to ease her out of performing and into authorship. I also redesigned her website and assisted in publishing her music and books.