The Process: Dirt in Art

A framework for a more authentic creative process. Examples in music, visual design, art, web design, film and game dev.

To sim or not to sim.

Why digital film simulations screw with your head.

How to choose a direction

The trick is to imagine that your leap of faith paid off. What does your life look like? Do you like it?

Why I quit freelance design.

Why freelance projects never run smoothy. How to avoid the revision apocalypse.

Don’t worry about design – worry about brand.

Design polish used to generate trust, but the creator movement is changing that.

Still looking for it.

Multipotentialite. Versatile creative. Jack of all trades. FUCKED.

Fuck AI […content generation]

I want to ingest art, information and ideas from humans, as imperfect as it may be.

ifi Zen DAC v2

A great way to level up your PC audio

Groundbreaking alternative albums that turned 30 in 2022

1992 was an amazing year for popular music.